This web is intended to enter you into the world of Osteopathy, as it was conceived in its origins, and clearly distinguishable from other manual therapies derived from it, that observing the shape ,have forgotten the osteopathic principles described by his great founder Mr. Andrew Taylor Still.

I want to clarify here that is not the same manipulate, making  crack joints, than practicing the osteopathy.

Manipulation is a technique to liberate the movement of a joint. Osteopathy is a global concept of focusing on a patient, where manipulation of a joint can be used or not.

While manipulation seeks relief from an annoyance, Osteopathy intends to diagnose and solve the cause that produces the symptoms.

In this web you will find everything you need to understand about osteopathy, know something about its history and give you an idea of how we work at our osteopathic officce .

We present in a clear and simple way the benefits of this theraphy that has more followers year after year thanks to its extraordinary results.


  • Babies & Children

    Osteopathy is  especially  recommended in babies and children, because many structures are still forming and consolidating it is important that at this crucial stage  of brain development such structures are free in their movement...

  • LNT


  • Virtual Visit

    Consultation with an osteopath can be a discovery( made me crack and started to turn my neck) or a huge frustration( didn´t even touch me where it was aching) it all depends on your past experiences and above all your expectations. As for expectations, you can expect anything but miracles, those are somewhere else...